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Raja terkaya di dunia!

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raja terkaya di dunia

5 Tip Penulisan Resume!

Ada kalanya kesilapan utama adalah senaraikan perkara yang majikan tidak ingin ketahui atau terlalu TMI.

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Anwar Ibrahim to meet Susan Rice

Obama is set to arrive in the Malaysian capital on Saturday in what will be the first visit to the country by a sitting US president in nearly half a century.

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'One Heart' radio's rare voice for peace in C.Africa

The premises of Be-Oko ("One Heart") radio in the town of Bambari are miserable but its mission immense.

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Angry scenes as Chinese MH370 relatives meet airline staff

A meeting between relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing flight MH370 and Malaysia Airlines staff descended into chaos.

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Putin calls Internet 'CIA project'

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the Internet a "CIA project" and warned Russians against making Google searches.

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Djokovic to become a father

World number two tennis star Novak Djokovic announced on Thursday that he and girlfriend Jelena Ristic are expecting their first child.

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'Hobbit' filmmaker changes name of trilogy finale

The final installment of the blockbuster "Hobbit" film trilogy has been given a new name, director Peter Jackson announced on Thursday.

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Indonesia international school faces new sex abuse claims

A second young pupil has now approached the official child protection agency with a parent claiming the child had recently been abused at the nursery.

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Philippine Airlines quits flying shark fins amid outcry

Philippine Airlines (PAL) said Thursday it has stopped flying shark fin cargoes, joining a number of other Asia-Pacific carriers in taking a stand for marine conservation.

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King bids to reassure Saudis as MERS deaths hit 85

King Abdullah was in the Saudi commercial hub of Jeddah on Thursday in a bid to reassure a worried public as the death toll from the MERS virus hit 85.

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