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Penyakit Ebola: Rakyat M'sia dinasihati berhati-hati merantau

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penyakit ebola rakyat m sia dinasihati berhati hati merantau

KLIA2: MAHB tutup sembilan landasan

Satu susutan tekanan di jet mengisi sistem di KLIA2 telah menyebabkan sembilan petak parkir pesawat - K2 kepada K18 - untuk ditutup sehingga Ahad tengah malam, menurut Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd ...

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Who's hotter: Britney Spears or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Looks like it's lingerie wars between these two beauties; Britney Spears and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. So, who shall be your pick?

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'Guardians of The Galaxy' music is an epic mix-tape

Ever wonder why mix-tapes were so great in the time before CDs and MP3 players? Because they simply bring back the bitter-sweet memories of childhood, high school and college. Here's a quick ...

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'Guardians of The Galaxy': A band of misfits

Whoever who said you need a perfect group of heroes to save the galaxy, he will be sadly disappointed by watching a bunch of misfits in the 'Guardians of The Galaxy'.

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Nahas MH17: PM minta dua pihak henti bertelagah

Malaysia dan Belanda sepakat menggesa aktiviti ketenteraan di kawasan nahas MH17dihentikan serta merta bagi membolehkan usaha membawa pulang saki baki mayat mangsa dengan segera.

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Man United issue Champions League warning

Manchester United's owners on Thursday warned investors the club may struggle to keep their best players if they miss out on Champions League qualification for a second consecutive season.

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Microsoft unveils Xbox in China as it faces probe

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled its Xbox game console in China, the first to enter the market after an official ban 14 years ago, even as it faces a Chinese government probe over business practices.

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More women are 'pressured' to edit photos for social media

80% of ladies admited to editing their photos before posting it online

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Oxford students 'Hips don't lie' goes viral

Shakira has praised Oxford student for their 'Hips Don't Lie', Out of the Blue- charity single. 

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25 in Indonesia dead in Eid boat sinkings

At least 25 people in Indonesia, including six children, have died and 13 are missing in two separate boat sinkings, officials said Thursday, as millions travel across the country for the Eid holiday ...

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