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Jalan sesak di lebuhraya utama

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jalan sesak di lebuhraya utama

MH17: Health ministry team headed to Netherlands

A Health Ministry team, led by its Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, is heading to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to aid the Disaster Victim Indentification (DVI) process.

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Quick, short runs pack health benefits

Going out for a quick, daily run may be just as effective as a long-distance jaunt when it comes to prolonging your life, said a study out Monday.

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OkCupid admits toying with users to find love formula

OkCupid on Monday said it messed with members' minds a bit in a bid to refine the formula for finding love at the online matchmaking service

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Resipi Ramadan Special Anis: Ikan Cencaru Sumbat

Sempena raya ini, cubalah resipi Ikan Cencaru Sumbat. Sedap!

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Japan wraps up Pacific whale hunt

Japan announced Tuesday that it had wrapped up a whale hunt in the Pacific, the second campaign since the UN's top court ordered Tokyo to halt a separate slaughter in the Antarctic.

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London's famed 'Gherkin' on sale for 650 mn pounds

London's landmark "Gherkin" office tower, one of the landmarks on the British capital's skyline, went on sale for about 650 million pounds ($1.1 billion, 820 million euros) on Tuesday after being ...

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Airbus says cancels six-jet order from Japan's Skymark

Airbus on Tuesday said it has cancelled a deal with Skymark Airlines for the purchase of six A380 superjumbos, as shares in the Japanese budget carrier plunged in Tokyo.

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Truck driver kills 12 sleeping pilgrims on India highway

A speeding truck driver ran over and killed at least 12 Hindu pilgrims on Tuesday who were sleeping on the side of a busy road in northeastern India, police said.

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Eid around the world welcomed through prayers

From Africa to Asia, Muslims globally celebrate the ending of the holy month of Ramadan

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Britain's Prince Harry joins photobomb craze

Britain's Prince Harry has followed his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II into the photobomb craze.

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