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MH17: Najib ke Belanda bincang isu siasatan

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mh17 najib ke belanda bincang isu siasatan

MH17: Kerajaan Ukraine teruskan siasatan meskipun PM bersara

Siasatan sedang berjalan dan kerajaan Ukraine berjanji tidak akan berhenti sehingga pembunuh sebenar ditemui dan dibawa ke muka pengadilan.

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50 Shades : Hot Men who could definitely make a better Christian Grey

Hence this time we take a look at a list of devastatingly delicious men in suits who would make a far more convincing Christian Grey and make every woman in the world want to be Ana Steele.

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MH17: Mayat warga Malaysia dijangka tiba bulan depan

Ketua Penolong Setiausaha Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) Lt Kol Mohd Sakri Hussain berkata, ini kerana terdapat mayat berada dalam keadaan tidak sempurna.

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Air France resumes flights to Tel Aviv

Air France said it will resume flights to Tel Aviv from Friday evening, after halting services to Israel earlier this week because of the deadly Gaza conflict.

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Resipi Ramadan Special Anis Nabilah: Ayam Percik

Video masakan di mana Anis Nabilah berkongsi resipi untuk Ayam Percik.

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Bose sues Beats over headphone patents

Audio technology veteran Bose Corporation on Friday sued Beats Electronics over patented technology for canceling noise in earphones.

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Hamas agrees 12-hour truce from Saturday morning

A Hamas official told AFP on Saturday that the Islamist militant group would observe a 12-hour Gaza ceasefire starting later in the morning.

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McDonald's under fire in Russia over 'quality' concerns

Russia's consumer watchdog announced Friday that it was suing American food chain McDonald's for quality violations and improper labelling of its food items.

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China, Canada to build two nuclear reactors in Romania

Canada's SNC-Lavalin and China Nuclear Power Engineering Company announced a deal Friday to build two nuclear reactors in Romania.

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MH17 victims unrecovered as Australians, Dutch ready mission

A strip of white bandage on a stick in a sunflower field marked the spot where the remains of one of the 298 victims of downed Malaysian flight MH17 lay in the sun on Friday more than a week after ...

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