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Nahas MH17: DVI mengenal pasti mangsa Malaysia

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nahas mh17 dvi mengenal pasti mangsa malaysia

Philippines admits massive Libya evacuation plan a 'challenge'

A Philippine plan to evacuate all 13,000 of its workers in strife-torn Libya is a "challenge", with many reluctant to leave despite the dangers, the Filipino foreign ministry said Friday.

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Shocker: British men in tiny shorts!

Ladies, ever fantasized about seeing men in tiny shorts? I think these four British men might just fulfil your wildest imaginations. 

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Airlines agency considering passenger screening for Ebola

The International Civil Aviation Organization said Thursday it is considering passenger screenings for Ebola, now that the deadly virus for the first time has crossed international borders aboard an ...

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Death toll in Indonesia Eid boat sinkings rises to 36

Rescuers pulled 12 more bodies from an Indonesian river Friday, bringing the death toll in two boat sinkings to 36, as millions travel across the country for the Eid holiday season.

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Paramount apologises after Ninja Turtles poster recalls 9/11

Paramount Pictures apologised Thursday after publishing a poster of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film that showed the characters jumping from a burning building.

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Israel army says Gaza truce over after soldier snatched

Israeli forces in the southern Gaza Strip are searching for a missing soldier they fear may have been captured by militants at the start of a new ceasefire Friday, the army said.

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Facebook unveils Internet app, starting in Zambia

Facebook on Thursday unveiled an app to allow people around the world with mobile phones but no Internet access to access online services for health, education and basic communications.

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Tambak Johor sesak, ribuan jalan kaki

Nampaknya mogok pemandu bas di Johor memberi kesan yang sangat ketara apabila ribuan pekerja kilang di negeri itu yang bekerja di kilang di Singapura, terpaksa bertindak berjalan kaki ke tempat kerja.

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Social media sizzles as 'Sharknado 2' audience grows

Whimsical TV disaster movie "Sharknado 2" reeled in 3.9 million viewers, the Syfy specialty channel said Thursday, one day after the sequel's broadcast.

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British royals are on a photo bomb spree!

The Duke of Cambridge joins the photobombing bandwagon

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