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Jenazah Michael Cornelius diterbangkan ke India

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jenazah michael cornelius diterbangkan ke india

Must Watch: BEST flight attendant ever!

Flying has never been this funny, especially when you 'get' teeny weeny yellow bikinis!

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Guan Eng ingin cadang namakan semula Promenade ke 'Karpal Singh Drive'

Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng mencadangkan, Promenade di Lebuh Sungai Pinang dinamakan semula sebagai 'Karpal Singh Drive.'

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'Saya akan jumpa anda di P.Pinang' kata Karpal

"Saya akan berjumpa anda di Pulau Pinang," itulah kata-kata terakhir Karpal Singh kepada anak lelaki dia Gobind Singh Deo.

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RIP Karpal: Penghormatan terakhir orang awam bermula 8.30 pagi esok

Orang ramai yang ingin memberi penghormatan terakhir kepada mendiang Karpal Singh di Dewan Seri Pinang di sini esok dinasihatkan datang awal.

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Philippines boosts MERS monitoring after UAE nurse scare

The Philippines said Saturday it was stepping up its defences against the deadly MERS virus, with the large numbers of Filipino workers in the Middle East seen as potential carriers.

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MH370 Day 43: Bluefin-21 continues on seventh mission

Bluefin-21 continues with its seventh mission in the underwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

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Karpal Singh’s Quotes to live by

This time in loving memory of the Tiger of Jelutong, we observe his well-known words of wisdom.

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Kingdom Tower bangunan tertinggi di dunia, kalahkan Burj Khalifa

Kingdom Tower di Jeddah bakal kalahkan Burj Khalifa sebagai bangunan tertinggi di dunia dengan ketinggian 3,280 kaki.

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Kim Novak hits back at post-Oscar 'bullies'

Veteran actress Kim Novak has lashed out at the "bullies" who mocked and criticized her appearance at the Academy Awards last month.

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Rap star Chris Brown to go on trial Monday

Hip-hop star Chris Brown will stand trial on Monday for an alleged assault outside a trendy hotel in Washington.

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