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Stop loving that chicken!

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stop loving that chicken

Tembok penahan runtuh, keluarga terkejut besar

Sebuah keluarga di sini terkejut besar apabila tembok penahan rumah mereka runtuh selepas hujan lebat yang turun semalaman.

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'Lelaki paling kaya' tawar pulangan wang

Mereka yang telah berdaftar di bawah skim MLM yang dimiliki oleh 'lelaki paling kaya di dunia',  Zhang Jian, boleh mendapatkan kembali wang mereka jika mereka membatalkan keahlian.

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Remaja maut dalam pesawat tentera

Seorang jurucakap Pentagon kata mayat penumpang remaja didapati di atas peralatan pendaratan belakang pesawat kargo U.S. Air Force C-130J selepas ia mendarat di satu pangkalan tentera di Jerman.

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MUST WATCH: Retirees dance to 'Happy'

Time to shake and wiggle around say the retired men and women who danced to Pharrell Williams' hit song; 'Happy'.

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Connected devices have huge security holes

The surge of Web-connected devices -- TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, door locks and more -- has opened up huge opportunities for cyberattacks because of weak security, researchers said Tuesday.

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Singapore Airlines profit plunges on lower passenger, cargo data

Singapore Airlines (SIA) said Wednesday its financial first quarter net profit plunged 71.4 percent from the previous year, weighed down by lower passenger and cargo revenue.

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Boeing says 533,000 new pilots needed in next 20 years

US planemaker Boeing said about 533,000 new commercial pilots would be needed worldwide in the next two decades to cater to a growing global fleet.

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Fiat reports profit plunge but holds full-year forecast

Italian car maker Fiat, which is merging with US group Chrysler, said net profit more than halved in the second quarter, undermined by a higher tax charge in the United States.

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Britain to trial driverless cars from 2015

Driverless cars will be allowed on British roads from January 2015 as part of a pilot initiative in three cities, the government announced Wednesday.

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Sony joins Japanese exodus from London Stock Exchange

Sony said Wednesday it would de-list its shares from the London Stock Exchange after 44 years because of thin trading volume, following a series of pullouts by other Japanese firms.

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