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AirAsia & AirAsia X to begin operations at KLIA2 on May 9

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airasia airasia x to begin operations at klia2 on may 9

Anwar files appeal, cites 35 grounds why sodomy conviction, sentence should be set aside

Opposition chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim filed a petition of appeal against his five-year jail sentence for sodomy at the Federal Court Registrar's Office today citing 35 grounds why his conviction ...

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MH370 Day 48: Searchers face tough choices in hunt for missing plane

Searchers for missing Flight MH370 face tough choices on how to proceed after almost seven fruitless weeks, with only a fraction of a deep-sea zone still left to be scanned.

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In US coming out party, Bollywood finds curious fans

Teresita Alonso had never watched an Indian film until she browsed the home-order television service Netflix and, noticing the favorable reviews, took a chance on "My Name Is Khan."

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Praise and playtime for royals in Canberra

Prince William and wife Catherine visited children at a playground and received warm praise from Australia's monarchist prime minister in the capital Canberra.

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Hello Kitty mayhem returns to Singapore

Singaporean fans of Hello Kitty raged on the web Thursday after their frantic attempts to buy limited-edition toys from the McDonald's website failed when overwhelmed servers crashed, in the latest ...

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Fresh safety, violence fears on Mount Everest

The Nepal government held talks with grieving and angry sherpas on Mount Everest to try to end a deepening crisis on the world's highest peak after an avalanche killed 16 of their colleagues.

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Video: Lagu 'Frozen' jadi mangsa Michael Jackson!

Apa dah jadi ni? Lagu 'Let It Go' dah bertukar menjadi lagu Michael Jackson?

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'Muka saya macam Obama!'

Presiden Barack Obama mempunyai seorang 'kembar' di Malaysia? Siapa dia?

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Rahsia selebriti yang anda tidak tahu

Adakah anda tahu kesemuanya tentang selebriti kesayangan anda? Ikuti senarai rahsia lima selebriti ini.

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US judge dismisses Tarantino lawsuit against website

A US judge threw out a lawsuit by Quentin Tarantino seeking $1 million from a gossip website for helping leak a screenplay for his latest planned movie.

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