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MH370 Day 47: Poor weather forces air search op to be suspended again

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mh370 day 47 poor weather forces air search op to be suspended again

With awards, Bollywood shows growing imprint in US

Bollywood this week throws its premier awards event for the first time in the United States, which has quietly become the leading overseas market for India's prolific film industry.

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Fifty years of Mustang cool: is China along for the ride?

From Steve McQueen to "The Fast and the Furious", the Mustang has long cruised through American pop culture, but Ford is hoping its snarling sports car will find a new generation of fans as it turns ...

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Pentagon scientists show off life-size robot

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a first-hand look at a life-size robot that resembles Hollywood's "Terminator," the latest experiment by the Pentagon's hi-tech researchers.

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MH370 Day 47: Bluefin-21 completes 80 per cent of focused underwater search

The Bluefin-21 autonomous underwater vehicle(AUV) has completed 80 per cent of focused underwater search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, until Wednesday.

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Wolverine will meet you in X-Men X-Perience Tour

The cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past are gearing up for a huge worldwide premiere event when the film is released in May.

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Seluar dalam jenama 'Prince Harry' untuk dijual?

Sekarang, sesiapa sahaja boleh membeli pakaian dalaman dengan nama 'Prince Harry'.

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MH370 Hari ke-47: 'Saya terima anak saya telah pergi'

Sarjan berumur 56 tahun yang bekerja di ibu pejabat polis Sentul di Kuala Lumpur, telah luahkan perasaan sedih dan terima yang anak perempuannya tidak lagi akan kembali.

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MH370 Day 47: Australia says cost not a concern in search

Australia said cost was not a concern in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, after the mini-sub plumbing the depths of the Indian Ocean for wreckage ended its ninth mission empty-handed.

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Lawatan Obama: Sekuriti, keselamatan ditingkatkan

Sekuriti dan keselamatan ibu negara akan ditingkatkan ketika lawatan Presiden Amerika Syarikat, Barack Obama. 

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Pirates kidnap three on Singapore tanker off Malaysia

Armed pirates boarded a Singapore-managed oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca, kidnapping three Indonesian crew and stealing some of the vessel's shipment of diesel fuel.

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