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Eleven dead, 27 missing in China rainstorms

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eleven dead 27 missing in china rainstorms

Taiwanese movie on young soldiers to open Asia's top film fest

A feature film portraying young Taiwanese soldiers at the height of cross-strait tension will open Asia's top movie festival next month, organisers said Tuesday.

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Travel restrictions could worsen Ebola crisis

Travel restrictions could worsen West Africa's Ebola epidemic, limiting medical and food supplies and keeping out much-needed doctors, virologists said Tuesday as the disease continued its deadly ...

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Anak tunggal Datuk Sharifah Aini bakal kahwin

Perkahwinan mereka akan diadakan pada minggu pertama bulan Oktober

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Running Man is coming to town!

The fan meeting will be held at the Stadium Negara on the 1 November 2014

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Trending NOW on Instagram: #20factsaboutme

Write 20 facts and tag 20 followers!

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Madonna to Gaga: You’re a Copycat!

In her latest song called ‘Two Steps Behind Me’, Madonna, 56, is said to be calling Lady Gaga, a copycat

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Culprits worked for months to hack the photos of celebrities

A new suspect, known as the ‘’Original Guy’’ has gone on the run after claiming responsibility of hacking and distributing the photos

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PAS to submit third name to Sultan of Selangor

PAS will be submitting three names to the palace

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Malaysia achieves world record for most selfies

The unofficial count of selfies taken in an hour is 613 which is 192 more than the previous world record

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MH17: Jurugambar NST ditumbuk

Seorang petugas media yang membuat liputan kepulangan jenazah nahas pesawat Penerbangan Malaysia (MAS), MH17 cedera akibat dipukul oleh ahli keluarga mangsa di Pusat Peringatan Nirvana Sungai Besi.

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