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Beyonce adalah Wanita paling berpengaruh TIME!

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beyonce adalah wanita paling berpengaruh time

MH370 Day 49: Search operation continues on ANZAC Day

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority had planned a visual search area of about 49,240 square kilometre area with the centre located about 1,584 kms north west of Perth.

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Facebook woos journalists with 'FB Newswire'

FB Newswire can be reached at and at Twitter account @FBNewswire.

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Malaysia to release MH370 report

The government was so far been tight-lipped about its investigation into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jet, fuelling anger.

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Google+ boss leaving the company

The executive credited with bringing the Google+ social network to life is leaving the Internet colossus after playing a key role there for nearly eight years.

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'X-Men' director to miss film launch, slams sex claims

US filmmaker Bryan Singer said Thursday he will not help promote the release of his latest "X-Men" blockbuster next month.

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Raja terkaya di dunia!

Kali ini kita tidak perhatikan senarai lelaki businessman terkaya di Malaysia, tetapi tumpukan kepada raja terkaya di dunia.

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5 Tip Penulisan Resume!

Ada kalanya kesilapan utama adalah senaraikan perkara yang majikan tidak ingin ketahui atau terlalu TMI.

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Anwar Ibrahim to meet Susan Rice

Obama is set to arrive in the Malaysian capital on Saturday in what will be the first visit to the country by a sitting US president in nearly half a century.

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'One Heart' radio's rare voice for peace in C.Africa

The premises of Be-Oko ("One Heart") radio in the town of Bambari are miserable but its mission immense.

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Angry scenes as Chinese MH370 relatives meet airline staff

A meeting between relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing flight MH370 and Malaysia Airlines staff descended into chaos.

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