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Krisis MB Selangor: Sumber kata Sultan minta penamaan calon lain

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krisis mb selangor sumber kata sultan minta penamaan calon lain

MH17: Dua lagi mayat mangsa dipercayai bakal tiba pagi esok

Dua lagi mayat mangsa dipercayai bakal tiba pagi esok.

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Google buys product design firm Gecko

Google on Friday confirmed that it bought Gecko Design to bolster its lab devoted to technology-advancing projects such as self-driving cars and Internet-linked Glass eyewear.

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173 MH17 crash victims identified: The Hague

Forensic experts have identified 46 additional victims of MH17 flight, bringing to 173 identified victims.

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Robin Williams's ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay - reports

The cremated remains of Hollywood actor Robin Williams, found dead on August 1 after an apparent suicide, were spread in San Francisco Bay, US news media reports.

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Nigeria records two new cases of Ebola

Nigeria said on Friday that two more people had tested positive for Ebola, taking the total number of confirmed cases of the deadly virus in the country to 14, including five deaths.

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Egypt resort coach crash kills 33

A collision between two coaches servicing the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh killed 33 people on Friday, a health ministry official said.

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HBO Asia announces an ALL ASIAN Original series

GRACE will premiere on Friday, October 17, 2014.

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Ebola survivor : ''I thank god to be alive''

Dr Kent Brantly praised god for a miracle and is happy to be reunited with his family

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Ahli Jihad Malaysia dipercayai mati di Syria

Dia dilaporkan meninggal akibat cedera  ketika bertempur di Hama

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Photo Gallery : MH17 National Mourning Day

Malaysia pays tributes to the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17

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